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Repairing a Damaged Relationship – Reconnecting Soul-Love – The Essence of Great Relationships

What does it suggest in emotional phrases to have Soul Love?

Have you stood on a lookout factor someplace in the international and been definitely bowled over with the aid of the view. You can’t touch it, trade it, restoration it, even taking a image feels find it irresistible cannot seize the essence of it? You see that view, but what you experience is something completely distinct. Some human beings say, “I’ve been here earlier than,” despite the fact that, in this lifetime they have no longer. There’s a memory – the reminiscence is not constantly of the view, it is a reminiscence of the feeling, a familiarity.

This is Soul Love. A memory and while we experience it, we are saying, “sure, I have felt this before,” and we’ve.

There are moments that entrepreneurs don’t often talk about due to the fact they sound intangible and too private to place words to, but each entrepreneur, in truth, each human being, has them. They are moments of arrival.

Moments which include those are just like the alignment of the celebrities, but virtually, they’re even greater profound than that. They are the alignment of frame, mind and spirit. A moment of deep non-public popularity, a reminiscence of some thing so deep and but so intangible, we struggle to place a call to it. Inspired is close, Soul acompanhante Love is closer, divine is all over again, a attain in the direction of it. But it stays nameless. Maybe, just maybe, it is actually, reality.

Soul Love has no attachment, but, we want as lots of it as we can get. People have achieved the maximum extraordinary things to get it, to hold preserve of it and to rejoice it. We frequently marry the person we experience this sense closer to, however this is like buying the view, eventually the connection will become evasive.

There are strategies to guarantee Soul Love connection does no longer fade like the view. For example, a length away from that view will potentially bring you returned to it like a beginner, another time bowled over at the splendor, related to the instant, mesmerised all over again.

Meditation, finished efficaciously can wipe the fog from our heart and allow this moment of connection to polish once more.

Sexuality (Refer: The Currency of Sexual Energy – Yasin Sheryl de Jong. ISBN 9781921578663 www.Bookpal.Com.Au)

Healing, the Eastern healer enters this zone of Soul Love inspiration as a way to delve underneath the crust of the human condition.

Prayer, a deep gratitude can convey this connection lower back to the surface of lifestyles.

Poetry and music has been used for hundreds of years to pass the ego thoughts and tap the deeper recesses of the human Soul Love connections.

Guru’s and the contact of a divinely connected hand can carry this country of awareness to an character.

Travel into nature rekindles the inner infant, the innocence of being new and awakens so many reminiscences deep historical Soul Love memories.

Falling in Love cuts directly beyond the surface direct to the reminiscence of Soul Love.

Dance can permit the thoughts to wander far enough off course for the worries and cares of existence to be swept aside and for a deep body reminiscence of Soul Love to emerge. Ecstasy.

The Quest

The quest for these Soul Love connections is the real purpose of human existence. We forget about this, and buy a car, hoping this could supply us this moment, and sometimes it does, for some seconds. We climb mountains hoping that, by means of the top, we reconnect to this valuable memory. We construct corporations a good way to loose us to enjoy greater Soul Love moments, however we forget about, and the agency becomes the mission.

Soul Love is the human assignment. We need moments of it.

In a dating we sense it, as a minimum at first assembly, however it’s miles difficult to sustain. And then we stroll down the road to get the milk and in the nook store we collide with any other Soul Love second.

That person and our man or woman collide and now we are harassed.

Should we be guilty? Should we do some thing, say some thing? In these moments of connection we feel our modern-day dating lessen, this moment is what we married for. We crave it in our deepest being and yet, we paintings, make households, construct houses and farms and have masses of other things. We crave this Soul Love and when we’re touched by it, we recollect why we started out something.

We started a commercial enterprise to experience that second of divine thought that comes while a awesome idea manifests. We married because in the ones first moments of meeting our accomplice the Soul Love memory wakened. We take into account and we so without difficulty forget. We so easily lose touch with “why” we selected a certain course, and begin to consciousness on what to do to live to tell the tale with out Soul Love connections.

Lets ask ourselves this query. “What takes place whilst we get right into a relationship induced by that Soul Love connection, however then lose contact with it? What can we do when we’re on the checkout and find Soul Love connection with every other individual? Start a group?


Soul love is ideal, we will experience it at a party, at the workplace or anywhere, but it is not a cause. Soul-love is no reason to do whatever. In truth, if you have to split up with a partner, all you do is return to Soul love for them, and there’s no attachment in any respect. This is each a state of recuperation and one in all connection.

Wanting something motivates us. Losing some thing hurts us. But Soul-love is a vacuum in which there’s no cause. We don’t want anything, want whatever, desire something. So, the reason to marry someone isn’t due to the fact we’ve got a Soul Love connection to them, due to the fact we are able to have 1000, million, billion humans we’ve got Soul Love connection to.

We marry people because we’ve Soul Love connection to them AND because we’ve got trust, admiration, appreciation and vision for the destiny with them.

In marriage we are able to frequently lose one or all of those crucial courting elements, however we will in no way lose Soul Love for a person. And that is a truely essential cognizance in courting. Once you feel the connection, it lasts forever.

Sure, Soul Love can come to be fogged with strain, anger, and busy-ness, and positive, Soul Love isn’t any penultimate motive to stay in a courting where the opposite 4 elements are lacking, however, in case you are going to location one element, between you’re your partner as absolute and sacred, area Soul Love manner above the relaxation.

To feel Soul Love for someone, male or lady is a exceptional connection and it has nothing to do with causing or killing romance.

Soul Love is by way of far the most important stage of communion among people. Without it, relationships are complicated and emotionally risky.

It is even more critical to acknowledge this Soul Love connection whilst one or each people in a dating are suffering with commitment. The capability to permit a person spin and seek their heart for appreciation, trust, admiration and wish for the destiny, that capacity to stand in stillness with out response may be discovered within the ability to well known a Soul Love connection to a accomplice that may in no way fade.

Sometimes we get scared. Sometimes we get jealous. Sometimes we even get resentful of our companion. These are not because of Soul Love connection however due to emotional attachments. They are part of the war to be human in relationship, but they’re not a reflection of the depth of your Soul Love.

Many human beings inform me that the greater they love their partner the greater jealous they grow to be. This is wrong. The extra we feel Soul Love for our accomplice, the more we will loosen up. They can come or go, depart or live, it will not count number if your reference to them is primarily based in Soul Love.

The Real Essence

Some humans suppose that Soul Love is one of a kind. That we’ve this experience with one person, and exclude all others. Others live single simply so they can have as a lot of these connections as life lets in.

It is secure to mention that we want and want Soul Love connections and irrespective of our moral or social judgements about it, we do have them with a couple of people. So, there are best vital questions. How will we have as a lot of those moments with our associate as opposed to becoming “familiar with the view?” And the second one question is, “What will we do when, while in a courting, we have these connections with others?”

The first query is the most hard. How do we preserve moments of Soul Love reference to someone we come to be acquainted with on an ordinary basis?

Conventional tries to sustain these Soul Love moments with a companion consist of: presents, vacations, infants, sex, romance, new homes, picnics, pornography, self assist courses, tantra and theatre.

But even these, over an extended duration can come to be like the view we personal.

To understand a way to have extra Soul Love connection moments with a companion, it could be important to apprehend the mechanics of Soul Love stories.

You are sitting at your table, the Sun is shining inside the sky, but you don’t appearance up and assume, wow, there may be the Sun. You simply enjoy the daylight hours and night time light (moonlight is Sunlight). Sometimes you spot the Sunrise or Sunset and you marvel at the Sun. So, Soul Love is Sunlight. It’s there 24/7 in no way missing. Without it we might shrivel and end up dirt. However, we do not always consider it.

Sometimes a person triggers our memory that Soul Love is surely there, and prefer a Sunset or Sunrise, we feel wonderful at that amazing recollection.

The key to playing the Sunrise and the Sunset, remembering the outstanding beauty of the Sun, is that it makes us take note. In that heat early morning or past due nighttime glow, we simply positioned down equipment for a few seconds and turn up proper in the moment.

Driving a car, it is tough to appreciate the Sunrise or Sunset. We’ve were given our mind on the task of preserving safe, so, we’d move wow for a nano second and then get returned to riding.

Soul Love moments can show up fifty times an afternoon, but if we are “riding the automobile” – too busy to be aware, we’ll slide right beyond in a blink. Gone.

In courting, we are using a car. We’re romancing, dancing, prancing, freelancing. We’re ingesting, showering, talking, wondering, emoting, wishing, trying, not looking, hoping, caring, now not caring, traumatic, giving, taking, sexing, alluring and more… So, that takes a whole lot of head-space.

So, the Sun is there, Soul Love is there, but we’ve got a lot going on in our tiny head that we simply blink and preserve focussed on “mentioning the kids” or “paying the payments.” We blink, and the Sun is out of mind.

We realise the loss. Something appears incorrect. We’re in a courting, doing relationship, being invested in proper courting, seeking to please, making the attempt, however we recognize some thing is not right. And what is not right is that during among all the delight searching for, love making, own family caring, existence developing, domestic building, and fitness preserving activities, we misplaced touch.

Imagine a space shuttle dropping contact with earth. Imagine a kite without a string. Imagine a ship with out a compass. Imagine a story with out an ending. Imagine whatever without an purpose. It’s impossible to imagine that such matters might be excellent. And it’s impossible to assume a relationship with out Soul Love at its center.

But that is what takes place. That’s one cause why couples have affairs, why enthusiasts exist, why people end up disillusioned with lifestyles and most usually throw themselves into their work, looking to avoid the tedium of a dating with out the Sun.

I even have lived that life. I actually have skilled that life similar to hundreds of thousands of other people at some stage in the sector. I brought on it, I suffered in it, I looked for options and attempted all sorts of bandages to restore it. But none paintings.

If the connection is blocked, the touch with mother earth is misplaced and with that, everything becomes mundane. I tried all the substitutes: Food, alcohol, materials, greed, intercourse, spirituality – none paintings. None update the exceptional lifestyles giving, health growing, heart commencing revel in of Soul Love connection.

In that point I became constrained via two important matters. The first was that the best experience I should have of Soul Love connection became with a lady. I couldn’t discover it, or more likely, failed to recognize it, everywhere else. That became a actual dependency on my dating and while it diminished, a actual vulnerability with different ladies.

The 2nd trouble I had became that, I harassed trying that Soul Love reference to my associate with romance, intimacy, dating and responsibility. Everything else in my entrepreneurial life become performed by way of wanting it horrific sufficient. I wanted achievement, I simply surely inspired myself. I wanted circle of relatives and wealth I just encouraged myself. Life, in my version, become up for grabs. So, while it got here to Soul Love, I just implemented the equal head-space. Foolish questioning…


The Sun doesn’t attain out and say, “hi there, please take my rays” much like Soul Love would not attain out and grab a person by way of the throat and say, “Love me.” If we are in a messed up area, crammed up with worries, needs, dreams, needs, fears, aims, expectancies, drama, emotion, stress, tension, motivation, and loneliness, we block the Sun. Soul love would not come to us, it comes from us.

We get into dating feeling that Soul Love connection and the first thing most of us do is stuff it up with the aid of letting all our “relationship luggage” come it and plug the pipe, block the Sun, close the portal.

Then we begin to fuss and talk and bitch and fear. “Oh, hell, here I am once more. In any other loveless dating. More hassles, less joy.”

The unmarried best discovery you could have for dating, and one to be able to definitely remodel your dynamic along with your companion is the realisation that the sensation of love you are wanting to get out of your partner is really coming from you, no longer to you.

If I take you into nature, Up into the Himalayas for example, you’ll love anybody and sense like absolutely everyone loves you. Suddenly you sense loved and loving. Weird? No, because out in nature, while your expectations drop away and all the “courting baggage” falls off, you abruptly feel it. You sense Soul Love connection going on, without anyone to connect it to.

Suddenly you find out that it is no longer your partner this is the cause of Soul Love connection, it is you. You additionally discover which you can not deliver human beings Soul Love connection, you can simplest proportion it.

My partner says, “let me in” and I say, “Piss off. Nobody is available in here.”

I used to allow human beings come into my being just as though I’d created a beautiful lawn and anybody ought to trample round, borrow the plants, select the fruit and stomp the grass. That changed into how needy and out of balance I become. Now, it is one-of-a-kind. I preserve this Soul Love experience internal myself and I recognize, what is supposed to be shared comes out.

I examine it like this. Fill a cup 1/2 full after which share it. As you do, you get much less, a person gets more. You supply a few and lose some. So, that to me is like focussing on getting Soul Love connection. Instead of that head-space, I now fill the cup to the top and let it overflow, what comes over the pinnacle is in reality unconditional. It’s my task to move internal and maintain that connection, not someone else’s.

That’s a huge shift. It manner alternatively of getting one Soul Love connection in my life I have thousands. Instead of it being restricted to ladies, it is to be had with all humanity. Instead of it being a freak accident, I can choose it each time.

If you need your courting to live anchored in Soul Love you need to make sure your cup is full – and greater. The manner to do this is to live focussed on the four virtues of high emotions: kindness, generosity, compassion and appreciation. That keeps your strength circulating, then, final however not least, discover ways to clearly turn up.

How fast that Soul Love connection disappears from view has loads to do with how a lot pressure I am having in my life. The greater burdened I am, the faster the relationship becomes indistinct.

We need to discover ways to prevent the frenzy and deal with the “courting luggage” in order to live related.

Learn to sit in silence, turn the TV off, flip the silence on, and fall again into Soul-Love. Remind yourself normal that Soul-love never dies, it simply receives blanketed with the aid of stuff, vintage stuff, new stuff and formidable stuff.

“All human evil comes from a unmarried reason, guy’s inability to sit nevertheless in a room. And, all guys’s miseries derive from no longer being capable of sit in a quiet room on my own”. – Blaise Pascal

The idea of stopping, breathing, smelling, tasting love had never befell to me. I’d measured my love in satisfaction’s and shouts and ecstasy, this was all new.

Exercises in Soul-Love Connection

Step 1.

Take a rose and sit down it in front of you. Try to loosen up your posture and preserve your spine quite instantly. Look at the rose. Observe it. Observe it together with your eyes. Now study it along with your ears. Listen. Now study it along with your nose, odor. Now touch it together with your hands or draw it up subsequent in your pores and skin.

Here, there’s still a rose, and there may be nonetheless a you. The rose is there, you’re there.

This is ordinary life, the whole thing is individualised. Separate. Hold the rose in the front of you, or location it on a desk in the front of you.

Continue the exercise.

Step 2.

With the rose in the front of you expand the exercising to a mastery level with the aid of dropping the separation between yourself and this rose. This is the end result of years in Zen practice however you are a current man or woman with an exceedingly developed and advanced mind, so it will now not take you plenty time in any respect if you may observe those commands.

Each individual thing of that rose has to come to be absorbed into you. First the visual interpretation has to disappear. We do this by way of actually figuring out all of the aspects of the rose inside ourselves. Say, as an instance: in which are you sensitive? Where are you flawlessly fashioned? This is a Zen practice of removal of separation, detachment. So, then continue to all of the different components of the rose until you discover that what the rose is, you are. As you development with out interruption the separation among you and the rose will, I assure you, vanish.

Then you will not see, hear, taste, touch, smell the rose. It will no longer exist in a shape become independent from you.

If this does not give you the results you want after 5 tries on 5 one of a kind days with a clean flower on every day, trade the rose to some thing else that is impeccably stunning to you. Even a vista may be caused to come to be merged with the self.

Step 3.

Sit together with your associate in the front of you. Look for his or her actual essence and beauty. Look with your heart, ears, nostril, mouth and hands. Don’t be afraid to the touch and sense the splendor. Breathe the beauty in with every breath and permit it pass you. To really fall into Soul-love you’ll need to practice this workout until you merge with your partner. Merge until there’s no separation. You will ultimately bridge the distance among what you spot and who you are, and in other words, dismantle your ego.

At first it takes time. Just appearance, feel and emerge as in rhythm with your accomplice’s respiration. Make positive you’ve wiped clean your teeth and freshened your breath before this exercising. I attempted it as soon as with someone with terrible breath and it is very distracting.

Eventually you may do this is seconds instead of hours. It’s herbal. As long as your thoughts does not intervene and say, “Hey, that is someone over there, is the approach operating.”

The most critical thing to recall is this person is much like the rose. You have been no longer seducing the rose, looking to make the rose smile at you. You have been no staring into the rose looking to check out it’s eyes and make it experience horny. You were turning into the rose. Remember this always.

Soul-Love happens when we overlook the separation among ourselves and what we revel in outdoor ourselves. So, the wonderful reminiscence that is triggered in a Soul-Love revel in is the reminiscence of our connection to existence, the universe and all that goes with it.

This is Soul Love and it is not the cause for dating but it’s far the reason of the grounding that makes relationship possible and suited.

If you have struggled to remain dedicated to a relationship, or you’ve got had a superb courting that completed and can not appear to reconnect with that essence, then look cautiously at your practices surrounding Soul-Love.

Soul-Love does no longer come to you, it comes from you. If your “courting baggage” seems to speedy flood the capability of a good reference to a person, then it is a excessive probably hood which you’ve got a few unfinished enterprise with the beyond or gift it’s blocking your connections.

Everybody connects, the only query is whether or not the noise of their existence is making it harder to sense.

If you’re in a relationship and have misplaced this connection do not blame your partner, it has nothing to do with them. It is because you have blocked the Sun thru distraction or diligence in your expert lifestyles.

Remembering that Soul Love is the essence of dating however no longer the inducement for it, the entire key to authenticity and luxury in a relationship, and the actual preference to work through the demanding situations that come can be constructed around this middle of Soul-Love. It can’t be emphasized sufficient how a good deal this connection can remodel even a broken relationship let alone, inspire a healthful one.



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