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Seven Secrets To Choosing A Safe, Healthy Pet Food

Do you choose canned meals or dry meals? What brand? There are so many unique manufacturers, all shapes and sizes of puppy meals to choose from and pet owners are furnished with little or no facts to base your decisions on (aside from marketing) – it may get so puzzling! Well, buckle your seatbelt depending on how much you know of the pet food enterprise, this can be a bumpy experience! You are approximately to learn seven secrets – nicely kept secrets – of puppy meals. Sit returned, brace yourself, and keep reading.

Beneful says it is ‘Premium อาหารภาคใต้ Food for a Happy, Healthy Dog’ and sells for round $18.00 for a 31 lb. Bag, Science Diet “promises” ‘exactly balanced nutrition via continuous studies and the highest pleasant meals backed by your Vets endorsement’ and sells for around $21.00 for handiest a 20 lb bag. Then there are various puppy ingredients that make the very identical statements – ‘Premium Dog Food, Highest Quality’ – that sell for $30.00 or greater for a 20 lb bag. And the equal holds actual for cat proprietors…Do you pick out Whiskas that states ‘Everything we do is about making cats satisfied!’ or do you pick one of those high stop cat meals that make the very equal declare of a satisfied, healthy cat however cost three times as a whole lot?

Now with the on-going pet food recollect puppy proprietors have questions inclusive of ‘Has this meals been recalled?’ or ‘Is this food the subsequent one to be recalled?’…’Is my puppy safe?’ Wow that is confusing! And frightening too! What precisely is a puppy proprietor to do? How approximately learning a few secrets and techniques! Equipped with the expertise of a few secrets and techniques of puppy food, it is now not almost as confusing.

Secret #1…

All puppy ingredients use descriptive phrases like desire and premium, though few of them without a doubt use top rate or preference substances of their meals. The ‘secret’ is that per the rules of the puppy meals industry, no puppy meals could make any claims or references on their label or marketing as to the excellent or grade of ingredients. You see, the phrase ‘top rate’ whilst it is associated with puppy food DOES NOT suggest that the ingredients in the meals are premium. With puppy foods, premium does not (can’t) describe the meals nor does it (can it) describe the excellent of the food. It is a advertising time period and that is all. Per the pet food industries very own policies and regulations, “There are not any references to aspect pleasant or grade” (law PF5 d three). So, words like premium, or choice, or great are just advertising and marketing or income phrases. They should not be interpreted as phrases describing the exceptional of the meals.

Now why wouldn’t a pet meals label be allowed to tell a prospective customer the excellent of their ingredients? Doesn’t a pet owner need to realize what they’re shopping for? This leads me to the next mystery…


If I can compare ‘humans’ meals to pet food for just a 2d, we all know there are distinct features of humans food. There is White Castle (I’m responsible here, I love the little guys!) and there is Outback Steak House (every other preferred). Both restaurants serve meat and potatoes. At White Castle for underneath $three.00 you can get multiple hamburgers and an order of fries. While at Outback you may get a steak and baked potato for round $16.00. Both serve red meat and potato – but you already realise that there are huge nutritional differences between a quick meals hamburger and a steak…Proper?

The trouble in the puppy food enterprise – is that most puppy owners don’t assume inside the same terms when it comes to pet food. They do not suppose in phrases that there are fast meals kinds of pet meals and there are sit down eating place more nutritious forms of pet meals. In truth, several years in the past a young guy attempted this very test with his own food plan – consuming not anything but speedy food for 30 days. In just one month of consuming fast food three meals a day, he won a first-rate deal of weight, blood strain and cholesterol levels sky-rocketed. Now, consider your puppy eating this kind of food its’ entire lifetime.

OK, so again to our two food…If a chemical analysis of your meal at White Castle became in comparison to a chemical analysis of your meal at Outback – each would examine with a percent of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Regardless whether or not you do not forget a steak at Outback a better best of protein than the burger – it would nevertheless examine as protein. The evaluation would not degree high-quality of protein.

So here is the secret…All pet foods come with a Guaranteed Analysis pointing out the proportion of protein, fat, fiber and moisture in the food. The REAL mystery lies inside the exceptional of the chances of protein, fat, and so forth.

In a chemical analysis of a puppy meals – bird feet might analyze as protein, even though granted it presents little or no nutrition. And as properly, a cow that became euthanized (put to sleep) because of a sickness that made it unfit for human consumption – might examine as protein despite the fact that that would be considered dangerous for consumption. Both of these matters – bird ft and a euthanized cow – are allowable substances and generally utilized in puppy meals. You see the name of the game in the pet food enterprise is producers have a WIDE OPEN door to wherein they obtain their ingredients. The only strict rule they need to follow is an adult canine food have to analyze with 18% protein and an person cat meals have to analyze with 26% protein. Sources to gather those specific probabilities variety from a ‘human grade’ meat, to fowl feet, to euthanized animals, to grain proteins, to even guy made chemical proteins and many variations in among.

Pet food labels do not have to tell – are not allowed to tell – the assets they use to gain that required 18% or 26% protein. And to make matters worse…First-class minded puppy meals producers – the organizations that use one hundred% human grade substances – aren’t allowed to tell customers or potential clients that their products are high-quality, human grade ingredients.

So how can you recognize if your pet’s meals uses fowl feet or euthanized cows or if it includes human grade substances?

Secret #three…

If the words top rate and preference imply basically nothing with regards to the pleasant of pet food, and if some pet ingredients use chicken ft and euthanized animals in their food – how can a pet owner recognise what they’re entering into their pets’ food?

This big secret’s determined in element definitions. Unlike ‘human beings’ food where you could pretty a great deal have a look at the meals to decide the fine, puppy food is far special. All ‘people’ meals have to meet particular USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) suggestions. The equal isn’t true for puppy food. Chicken toes and euthanized cows are NOT allowed in human beings food for obvious reasons – they don’t have any dietary price or they could be dangerous to eat. The equal is NOT actual for pet food. The simplest manner to understand if those bird ft or euthanized cows are on your puppy’s meals is to know what ingredients they may be utilized in.

The common pet food factor ‘Meat and Bone Meal’ is largely a mixture of many one-of-a-kind discarded left-overs from the human meals industry. Components of ‘meat and bone meal’ can be some thing from cow heads, stomachs, and intestines, to (scary but genuine) euthanized animals such as cows, horses and dogs and cats from veterinarian workplaces, animal shelters, and farms. And together with the ones euthanized animals the pet food additionally incorporates the drug pentabarbitol that changed into used to euthanize the animal. ‘Meat and bone meal’ can also include left-over eating place grease, and diseased (along with cancerous) meat tissues cut far from slaughtered animals. In other phrases, this typically used aspect is a mixture of notably inferior and potentially risky left-overs from the human food enterprise.

The puppy food component ‘Meat By-Product’ or ‘Meat By-Product Meal’ is pretty much the identical thing as ‘meat and bone meal’. It is a especially inferior pet meals aspect containing literally who-knows-what.

Another comparable aspect to the above is ‘Animal Digest’.

As to the chicken ft I noted earlier – this object may be discovered inside the components ‘Chicken By-Product’ or ‘Poultry By-Product’ or ‘Chicken By-Product Meal’ or ‘Poultry By-Product Meal’. Any left-overs within the fowl or chicken division – consisting of but no longer limited to fowl feet, skin consisting of some feathers, bird or fowl heads, and intestines are found in those substances. It does NOT rely as to the fitness of the bird – ill, healthful, dead, death…All is protected in these substances.

So right here is what you need to do…BEFORE you buy any puppy meals, flip the bag over and carefully study the listing of substances. The above mentioned substances might be indexed inside the first 5 or ten components. If you notice ANY of those substances – it’s far my suggestion to NOT buy that food. Remember – bird feet and euthanized animals do examine as protein. That is all that is required in puppy meals – just the best analysis.

Another little trick a few puppy meals producers use on this category is the use of grains and chemical components to grain products to reinforce the protein possibilities. Which is precisely the reason of the puppy meals take into account that started out in March 2007 – chemical proteins. Two distinctive chemical additives – that have NO nutritional price to pets, but that analyzed as protein – had been introduced to a grain product (wheat gluten, corn gluten, or rice gluten) solely to offer a reasonably-priced protein. Thousands of pets died and limitless others became ill due to the fact no one counted on the trouble of the aggregate of these two chemical compounds could reason kidney and urinary blockage. Again, their secret’s the product has to analyze as having a selected amount of protein – no one is needed to offer a quality meat protein.

While you are looking on the element listing – you ought to additionally take note of how many grains (corn, wheat, rice) and/or what number of grain products (corn gluten, entire corn, ground corn, entire wheat, ground wheat, wheat gluten, rice, brown rice, brewers rice, soy, and on and on) are indexed in the first 5 or so elements. If you locate a couple of grain indexed inside the first five elements – that is telling you this puppy meals is acquiring some of its protein from grains.

Why is protein received from grains essential that allows you to recognize? Several reasons – first of all technology proves that cats and puppies alike require and thrive on a meat protein. If a puppy meals is obtaining protein from grain assets, the pet is not getting the beef that it desires to thrive. Second, if the grain merchandise are a corn gluten, wheat gluten, or rice gluten you’re taking the risk of chemical substances along with melamime added to it used strictly to enhance the protein analysis. By the way, melamime is one of the chemicals located to be the purpose of the March 2007 puppy meals recall. And there may be one greater challenge with grains – aflatoxin. Aflatoxin is a lethal mildew this is commonplace to corn, wheat, and soy and it is responsible for numerous other puppy meals recollects you possibly never heard approximately. In December 2005, Diamond Pet Food contained moldy grains that killed over one hundred pets before the product was recalled – all because of aflatoxin.

It is my recommendation to keep away from any pet meals that includes corn, wheat, or soy in ANY variation. The threat is clearly too excessive.

Secret #four…

I’ve got more recommendations which will look for inside the component listings…Chemical preservatives. A very well stored secret of the pet food industry is their common use of chemical preservatives. BHA/BHT are very famous chemical preservatives utilized in pet meals and technology has related them to tumors and cancer. Another common preservative is ethoxyquin which has acknowledged risks to most cancers. Ethoxyquin is ONLY allowed in human meals in some spices due to the very tiny proportions. However it’s far allowed in a whole lot better proportions in pet meals.

If you experiment the element listings, you may be looking for BHA/BHT and ethoxyquin indexed everywhere. Commonly BHA/BHT is used to hold the fat in the meals which commonly is observed better at the list. And also search for any of these chemical compounds towards the cease of the factor listing. Personally, I wouldn’t contact a pet food that contained these chemical preservatives. You need a pet meals that is preserved naturally – common natural preservatives are ‘herbal mixed tocopherols’ or ‘vitamin E’.

Secret #five…

The very high-quality meals to offer for your pet is a well made meals the use of human grade ingredients. That must be simple sufficient…How do you discover that? You already realize that pet food producers are NOT allowed to make any announcement as to great or grade of substances, the simplest way you could find out the grade or satisfactory of your pets’ meals is to name the manufacturer and ask them.

Now, let’s assume you call the ABC pet meals organization and ask the query “Is your Premium dog food and Premium cat food made the use of human grade components?” It may be which you get the response yes, we use human grade substances – whilst really best more than one elements are human grade. Here’s the trick to asking…Ask them if they’re APHIS European licensed.

Pet meals producers that are APHIS European licensed assures you that ALL ingredients of their puppy meals are human grade. APHIS – Animal Plant Health Inspection Services – is a department of the USDA. APHIS European certification affords this pet meals producer with the opportunity to deliver their meals/treats to Europe. When importing puppy ingredients from the USA, European international locations call for that each one elements are human grade and hence require this certification. Most puppy food producers that have APHIS European certification do no longer ship their merchandise to Europe – they in reality use this as a method to assure their clients to the higher best in their elements.

Again, you WON’T see this indexed on the label – it’s not allowed. You should call the manufacturer and ask. Often times the consultant of the pet food might not even understand what you’re speaking about when you ask approximately APHIS certification – if this is the case, you could anticipate they’re now not APHIS European certified. APHIS European certification is a bonus to puppy owners – it isn’t required or even advised that any pet food producer undergo the extra steps to gain this. This is a unique attempt a few pet foods go through to inform their customers they REALLY CARE about the best of their products. Personally, I could NOT purchase a puppy food that doesn’t have it.

And via the manner, if you can not reach the pet food producer, or they do no longer go back your name inside a quick time frame, lose their variety! Any business enterprise that doesn’t area a concern on answering clients questions – doesn’t deserve your commercial enterprise!

Secret #6…

Minerals are a required ingredient in human diets in addition to diets for our pets. Copper, Iron and Zinc are common minerals determined in puppy ingredients. Just as they are – copper, iron, and zinc are basically rocks, very difficult for anybody or any pet to utilize. Science has evolved several methods to introduce minerals into the frame (human and puppy) for better absorption hence benefiting the individual some distance more. This clinical development is known as chelating or proteinating and it’s been around for years. Through the chelating or proteinating manner minerals are absorbed approximately 60% higher than just the minerals on my own.

This secret’s recognizing the minerals in your pet meals to peer if they may be chelated or proteinated. Notice the minerals to your puppy food label, way down on the listing of components. You are looking for minerals that study ‘copper proteinate’ or ‘chelated copper’. If you spot simply the mineral indexed, your pet is form of like Charlie Brown at Halloween saying ‘I got a rock’. If you want your puppy to have the high-quality, chelated or proteinated minerals are part of the satisfactory foods!

Secret #7…

This secret’s called ‘pleasant micro organism’. Although ‘pleasant bacteria’ sounds a bit scary, the motive for it lies for your pets’ intestinal device. A huge portion of your pets’ immune gadget is located inside the intestinal system. Keeping the immune device wholesome allows to maintain the animal itself wholesome. This friendly bacteria is just like what is discovered in yogurt, however in pet meals it’s miles brought in a fashion in order that the cooking method would not wreck it. Looking at the satisfactory print on your pet food label, this time you’re looking for lengthy, clinical phrases like Lactobacillus Acidophilus or Bifidobacterium Thermophilum. If you do NOT see these words or some very comparable, that puppy food isn’t always addressing the care of your pets’ immune machine. And again, in case you need your puppy to have the great, you need ‘friendly bacteria’ of their food.

There are your seven very secrets and techniques to help you locate absolutely the healthiest and high-quality puppy food on your 4-legged buddy. Armed with those secrets and techniques – you presently have the knowledge to locate your pet the fine food possible! A puppy meals that could make bigger their lifestyles and prevent early growing old and ailment. If you don’t want to bother doing the homework involved, I urge you to join my monthly mag Petsumer Report(TM). Through Petsumer Report(TM) I’ve achieved all of the homework for you – each month I overview and rate over 40 special pet foods, treats, toys, and numerous other pet supplies. It’s the ONLY publication of its’ kind presenting puppy owners with the records they want to recognize regarding their pet product purchases.

I want to proportion just a couple extra matters…

It’s first-class to feed an person canine or grownup cat food an afternoon. The nutrition they consume with food is higher applied than with simply one meal a day. If you’re presently feeding your puppy one meal a day, break up that equal amount into meals and feed inside the AM and PM.

You ought to recognize that all canned or moist puppy meals are everywhere among 70% to eighty five% moisture. This means that 70% to eighty five% of which could or pouch of food is useless nutrition – its water. Granted our pets need water, cats specifically have a tendency no longer to drink enough water. But seeing that all canned or moist meals are ordinarily water, they do no longer offer adequate nutrition to be fed strictly a canned or moist diet. Use a canned or moist product to supplement your puppy’s weight loss program – now not because the only food.

The nice pet meals are preserved certainly (mystery #4) – however there is a problem with certainly preserved pet ingredients…Freshness. Take word of the expiration date in your pets meals label – typically with naturally preserved dry puppy meals (no longer as tons of a subject with tender ingredients due to canning – very little want of preservatives) the expiration date is one year to 18 months from the date it turned into synthetic. Let’s say the pet meals you are considering to buy on July 1, 2007 has a ‘Best if Used with the aid of’ date of January 1, 2008. This could tell you that this particular bag of puppy food is already 6 months vintage. While it’s miles nevertheless ‘appropriate’ a brisker food – a bag this is handiest 2 or three months vintage – is better. Naturally preserved pet ingredients lose nutritional potency with time. Always try to locate a totally clean bag.

If you are considering converting your pets meals, ALWAYS seek advice from your Veterinarian first. You must usually preserve your veterinarian cautioned of any modifications you make with your puppy. Don’t take possibilities. And in case you do transfer pet food, make the alternate over very slowly. I always suggest to puppy proprietors ¼ new food to ¾ antique food for 4 to 7 days, ½ to ½ for any other four to 7 days, and so on. Switching food fast can cause intestinal disease! Its brief term, but we do not need intestinal sickness!!!

One last thing, as you’re already aware puppies and cats have a much better feel of odor than humans. Their meals bowl can be a wealth of smells – both top and horrific. Some times a pet will refuse to consume simply due to the fact she or he smells a previous food in their bowl. Plastic meals and water bowls maintain odors the worst. And pretty so does stainless steel bowls. The quality type of food and water bowl is a ceramic one. They keep odors the least.



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