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How to File a Complaint Against a Texas Judge

Does a citizen of Texas have the potential to record a criticism in opposition to a Judge? The solution is sure. An modification to the Texas Constitution handed in 1965 gives for the “State Commission on Judicial Conduct” to supervise and investigate allegations of misconduct with the aid of Texas Judges judge integrity.

The Commission has authority over Texas judges, consisting of appellate, district, county, justice and municipal level judges, visiting judges, and partner judges. It is made from thirteen contributors who serve six year terms without a compensation. These individuals encompass six judges from each of the numerous court docket levels appointed by using the Texas Supreme Court, two lawyers appointed by means of the State Bar of Texas, and five citizen participants who are not attorneys or judges appointed by means of the Governor. The Commission has a personnel of 14.

If you believe you studied you received an flawed ruling in a case, sentencing in a crook case, or are moved to whinge towards an unpopular selection via the choose, these aren’t considered misconduct and your complaint will now not be heard. This is commonly requires appellate review and those varieties of problems are treated by means of the appeals technique.

If you sense you have a legitimate complaint you may name the State Commission on Judicial Conduct at (512) 463-5533 or (877) 228-5750. A smartphone name isn’t always sufficient to open an investigation. There is a criticism form that is used to open a document. The shape may be obtained from:


P.O. BOX 12265

AUSTIN, TEXAS 78711-2265

You want to state in a concise manner the occasions and the statistics that led you to the notion of misconduct via the choose. Include any court docket files or written evidence to support your grievance. Lack of judgment or diligence via a judge will now not typically get hold of a assessment. Much more serious misconduct is required. Once the complaint is obtained by using the Commission you may receive a written be aware that the criticism is being investigated. If a reprimand, public admonition or caution is given by the Commission you will receive a replica of this as properly.

The Texas Constitution calls for that all sports of the Commission be private. The conferences are closed even to the man or woman submitting the criticism. They meet at least six times annually and might evaluation over six hundred complaints at some point of the year. According to the Commission, each grievance gets just attention. Texans can usually plan on approximately 6 months for his or her criticism to be reviewed. That’s the common. Some can be faster or take substantially longer relying on their complexity.



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