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Me-N-Ed’s Victory Grill – A Real Winner or Pizza Pretender?

As a product of the Central Valley, there is no wonder that I’ve eaten more Me-N-Ed’s slices than I can count. In fact, it is one of the few matters I missed approximately Fresno even as I become living within the Bay Area.

So, once I had the threat to chow down on the quite new Me-N-Ed’s Victory Grill, my expectancies have been really high. So, did Victory Grill beat my expectancies? You’ll should maintain reading to discover.

Located in Fresno’s Granite Park Sports Complex close to Ashlan and Cedar, Victory Grill is meant to be central Fresno’s model of World Sports Café or something near that.

From the outside, it looked pretty unimpressive. Sure, it is got a swanky-looking signal, however the outdoors appears pretty dull. I suggest, how a lot ‘granite’ can you have got at Granite Park with out overdoing it?

Anyway, my opinion quickly changed as I walked through Victory Grill’s double doorways … Talk about contrast. The location appeared awesome with its Italian-mural painted partitions, painted columns, and it’s completely loaded connoisseur kitchen.

Definitely, a step up from the corner Me-N-Ed’s Pizzeria I grew up with (all of us don’t forget the antique fashion Me-N-Ed’s with the barrels on the wall with humorous sayings like “Good food takes time…Yours may be geared up in seconds!”?!) And this one comes with a full carrier bar and plenty of TV’s perfect for looking the Niners or the Raiders (depending on who you like).

And for the ones nights while you do not want to trek all the way to North Fresno to fight visitors at River Park, Victory Grill is a clever preference to fulfill up with pals for liquids or even a night time out with the circle of relatives.

Getting there has been clean. Since I stay in Clovis near Bullard, I took the 168 to Ashlan, took a right, then a left on Cedar … And 1/2 a mile down… There it became. From door to door … Five minutes. Not awful.

Yes, it’s an awesome vicinity to take your children due to the fact you can provide them a load of quarters and send them off to the absolutely magnificent สมัครเว็บไซต์บาคาร่า game room. I counted more than a dozen video video games, air hockey and different arcade-kind video games. Trust me, this room is not only for youngsters. I wasted four bucks in quarters during my prevent in the Game Room (those quarters have been for my laundry, too).

The menu offers plenty greater than just pizza, such as wings, hearty pasta dishes and full-meal sized salads. Your food and drinks come served thru nice plates and real glasses. I kinda missed the paper plates and brown plastic cups, although!

Oh properly, I bet the whole thing adjustments … And in this example, it changes for the higher. But heck, so long as the pizza failed to truely trade, I don’t have any reason to complain.

So, Victory Grill .. Count on to peer me again … Soon! Large Peperoni, Sausage and Mushroom, please. And recollect my side order of jalapeños. Later!



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