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Teach English in Colombia: Grappling with Grammar, Gold, Guns, and Guayaba

Americans avoid Colombia for properly motives. A digital civil war has been waged for nearly 40 years. Rates of crime and violence are a few of the global’s maximum. And then there is the “drug problem.” Why might anybody keep in mind coming here to teach English?

“I came due to the fact a pal who changed into running in Cali preferred it here and encouraged it,” says Glenn Yates, a instructor now in his second year at a bilingual school. Tired of Canada’s frigid winters, he fled to a land of year-round heat climate and an excellent hotter welcome Cali Air.

Colin Jacobs, weary of gloomy days and drizzle, discovered his way to coaching English in Cali from his native England greater than 20 years in the past and hasn’t left in view that. “I don’t suppose I could live in London once more,” he says. “After adjusting to the near-perfect weather, the meals, and the clean-going lifestyle right here, I’m now not definitely eager to head lower back. I’m spoiled for life.”

So am I. Hundreds of types of plants perfume the air, even in winter. Pantries abound with extraordinary culmination like Guayaba and Carambolo. The 12 months-lengthy growing season lets in papayas to attain nearly the scale of watermelons; mangoes can weigh up to two kilos every. Colombia’s sturdy, black espresso, considered the sector’s richest, is served everywhere.

But Is It Safe?

There are troubles, sure, but no longer of “run-screaming-to-the-hills” intensity. Most conflicts occur inside the nation-state. While this could make inter-city journey volatile at times, citizens inside fundamental towns like Bogota, Cali, and Medellin experience little impact and live pretty normally. Adjusting to power screw ups, cellphone or water outages, and wet season flooding is greater of a nuisance than existence-threatening. Larger cities are reasonably nicely policed and generally safe, in case you’re careful.

Drugs? Most illicit production is for export, so, except for warring drug factions inside the coca-growing regions, there’s not a good deal normal impact. During principal vacations the government steps up navy patrols of foremost highways and vacation resort regions to insure protection and more secure journey for vacationers.

Quality of Life

Cali, with million residents, is called the “Salsa capital of the sector,” rivaling Cuba. The two biggest shopping shops residence multi-cinema complexes offering first-run U.S. Films in English with Spanish subtitles. English guides are with ease available at bookstores and newsstands. Material in English can be borrowed free from the Universidad Santiago de Cali and for a $3 annual price from the Centro Cultural Colombo Americano. The Municipal Theatre, Tertulia Arts Complex, and Jorge Isaacs Theatre offer normal productions in Spanish. Ethnic eating places that specialize in Latin American and Mediterranean cuisines constantly tempt Caleño palettes. Holiday celebrations take area yr-spherical. Check them out on line at [http://www.Holiday] pageant.Com/ Colombia.Html. You will by no means be bored in Cali.


Native-speaking English instructors are scarce right here. Salaries reflect the excessive demand. Most teaching positions require an applicant to be a native speaker of English and have a university degree. A coaching certificate and a few experience are a definite plus. Work is available at bilingual colegios, language institutes, and universities. Sending out a dozen or so resumes in English need to land you half of that number of interviews, culminating in several on-the-spot task gives.

No hablas español? Interviews are normally in English, however as a working resident you’ll probable want to pick up extra than just traveller Spanish. The Universidad Santiago de Cali and the Pontifica Universitaria Javeriana have Spanish applications for foreigners. Berlitz (www.Berlitz.Com) has workplaces in Cali with Spanish training. A non-public coach in all fairness easy to come back by using.
“It hasn’t been a hassle to discover someone to help me once I want something accomplished in Spanish,” stated Glen Yates, who, with his constrained Spanish, has observed Colombians to be very pleasant and sociable.

So, do not worry needlessly approximately the news reviews. Call, write, or electronic mail the schools and institutes to get a sense for his or her needs and requirements. Check out the net websites. Assemble your diplomas, certificate, and reference letters. Don’t overlook to accumulate materials like maps, postcards, flyers, magazines, and memorabilia from your native land. These can be helpful to your conversations with college students.

Prof. Larry M. Lynch is an English language teaching and mastering expert author and university professor in Cali, Colombia. Now YOU can also stay your goals in paradise, find romance, high adventure and get paid while travelling for free.



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